ProNovos Operations Manager is an all-in-one project management tool that connects your office and field operations to increase accountability, visibility, and collaboration among all stakeholders in the project.


Access the most up-to-date status of your equipment in one centralized location.  Allow your project manager to keep track of what he has and what he may need to avoid unforeseen issues and focus on what matters.


Decrease the time it takes to distribute drawings within the project by streamlining the process using our Drawings module. Instead of dealing with paper copies that could get lost or damaged, quickly and easily jump between drawings using the auto-hyperlinking feature. Markup your drawings with annotations or drop a pin to link a Punch List task all using the markup toolbar at your fingertips.


Manage all your projects RFIs. Resolve any gaps, ambiguities or inconsistencies associated with your projects faster. The RFI feature enables every stakeholder to request information in a timely fashion, within a specific time period for quick collaboration.

Busy construction professionals aren’t techies who sit in front of a computer all day, they don’t have time to master four to six different pieces of software, all opened and closed separately, and all with different logins and passwords.

Mikeal Kanouff
McClone Construction

More about McClone’s transition to intelligent resource management via Operations Manager platform


Track and manage the entire submittal review process from start to finish. Share the approved submittal with the entire project team instantly. Prioritize, follow up, and start ordering the materials your project needs to get started. Advanced tracking allows everyone to see where submittal items are in the process and know where they need to take action next.


  • Plan out how many field crew members you will need to perform the work you have been awarded and on projects being bid. This allows for better forecasting so you know when you’ll need to hire or when you may want to look at picking up additional work to support your manpower.
  • Plan the workload for each manager, engineer, and other project support role for each of your projects. Avoid overworking or under working your staff by planning out their tasks for multiple jobs in one single location.


  • Understand what progress is being made each day on the jobsite by listing all tasks completed in the daily report module. Track weather conditions, onsite labor, work performed as well as log impacts for the day all in one place.
  • Email a PDF of the day’s work to management, your client, or subcontractors all with the click of a button.


  • Assign cleanup and closeout tasks to specific workers and track when they’ve been completed.
  • Drop a pin on a drawing and assign it to a punch list task to keep track of exactly where the item needs to be fixed.